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How many times a year should you tune your piano? Do different pianos need to be tuned more than others? At Culp’s Piano Service, our friendly piano technicians will be able to answer all your questions while they tune up your piano. Give us a call if you need a professional technician for piano tuning Phoenix, AZ. 

Experts argue that newer pianos need to be tuned more than older pianos. While they may disagree on a set number of tunings, most experts agree that newer pianos need to have the ‘memory’ set in their strings. In short, the strings need more time to adjust to being set at concert pitch (A-440).

On the other side of the spectrum, older pianos need to be tuned more frequently after their first tuning in order to maintain the correct pitch. Technicians might refer to the initial tuning as a rough tuning, while the subsequent tunings are called fine tunings. Older pianos tend to fall on the flat side, and because of Newton’s laws of physics the slack in the strings will want to stay slackened. Feel free to ask our technicians any questions you may have about your piano’s condition, and what it will require to maintain perfect pitch! 

Our services include: 
Piano Tuning
Culp’s Piano Service tunes all pianos makes and models. 
Basic Tune $75

Pitch Raise Double Tune 
• Spinet and Upright Pianos $120
• Grand Pianos $120

Tuning and Cleaning Packages
• Spinet and Upright Pianos $95
• Grand Pianos $120  Also make sure to contact us for piano moving professional services!

Count on Culp’s Piano Service for the best tuning services! We also offer piano repair and restoration.

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