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Pianos are fragile, cumbersome and extremely valuable. With so much at stake, it is no wonder you would want to hire a professional service to keep your investment safe. Culp’s Piano Service has over 45 years of experience, and that makes us a great candidate for your next piano move! Give us a call if you are ready for professional piano moving in Phoenix, AZ. 

Most piano owners need help moving either after the initial purchase or during a change in housing. As one of the most experienced piano moving companies in Arizona, we have worked on everything from a simple move down the street to a complex move (like moving a piano up a staircase). Our piano movers always offer high-quality service that is professional and affordable. We’ve moved all kinds of pianos, and we’re ready to help you as well! 

While the locations and people we work with are constantly changing, the one element that always stays the same is our excellent customer service. We understand that we are handling a major investment on your behalf, and while we do have our own liability policies, we promise that we will do our best to keep your investment free from damages during this delicate and painstaking process. Put all your stress on our shoulders, and let us help you move! We can also help with all types of piano restoration for your precious piano. 

Piano Moving - Prices may vary based off of mileage
• Spinet and Consoles $90
• Large Upright $100
• Grand $160

Give us a call at Culp’s Piano Service if you’re ready for the best piano moving service in our area!

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