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Culp’s Piano Service has been helping clients in Arizona since 1966! Originally founded by Lonnie’s father, Wesley Culp passed on the secrets of his craft to his son. Ever since then Lonnie has been serving Phoenix for over 38 years. 

Piano tuning became a technical profession in the 1800s when the pianoforte replaced the harpsichord as the most common keyboard instrument. The pianoforte’s main advantage was that it could stay in tune much better than the harpsichord. However, the pianoforte was a much more complex instrument and called for expert service to maintain – thusly, the profession of the piano technician was born.  

At Culp’s Piano Services, our trade is more than just a craft. The skills we use on a daily basis were acquired through discipline, rigor, and a love of the piano. Our employees are long past their phases of apprenticeship; these are master technicians. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence on every service we provide whether it’s piano tuning, moving or repairing. 

When you hire us, you will be greeted by an experienced and friendly piano technician that can restore and improve even the most neglected piano. Whether you need your piano back in working condition for your aspiring student or you’re a teacher in need of a simple tune-up, we’re here to get your piano back in order! 

Our technicians all have a deep-seated respect for the art of piano! We truly believe that pianos are the most beautiful instruments that have ever been invented, and are fortunate enough to give back to the musical community with our services. When you give us a call you can rest easy knowing that our technicians value your piano as much as you do! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today! 

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